Today, over half of your new customers are searching for your products and services on a smart phone, yet less than 7% of your competitors have a mobile website and even fewer are running an online marketing program. By using a mobile website coupled with a Google AdWords campaign, you can exploit a massive technology gap between you and your competitors.
Mobile statistics are staggering; while 50% of Americans redeem online coupons, mobile users redeem them 10X more often. 70% of smart phone users searching for your products and services will respond within 1 hour of their search. Nearly all smart phone users are searching for local products and services, 1 in 3 of all searches are for local products and services. 
We've provided thousands of customers with performance ROI (return on investment) online marketing campaigns using our proprietary high performance web systems, which include integrated tracking and reporting, and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) coupled with highly effective Google AdWords campaigns to provide our customers with the best online marketing. All of our marketing programs are month to month, so we wouldn't be here today if our customers didn't make a lot of money and continue to stay with us. 
We've migrated all of our web marketing technologies to mobile, giving you a highly effective true and tried, and very positive ROI marketing program. 
We provide an all-inclusive solution for mobile marketing to make sure that you're dominating your local market. This includes a mobile website with built in CRM, inclusion into Google Places / G+, Google AdWords campaign. 
We strive to give you the very best mobile experience by providing you an ever-increasing suite of new mobile marketing technologies. You will find new features on your site every month and this won't cost you a single additional dime. We also offer many free features that our competitors don't:
  • Flat rate billing for AdWords marketing
  • Our bidding technology keeps your ads in the premium
    location nearly all the time
  • Unlimited clicks- your ads do not go down from excessive clicks
  • Unlimited edits on your mobile or desktop site (we do all the work)
  • Free graphics or photos for your site!
  • Unlimited changes to Google AdWords campaigns
  • Marketing campaigns can be paused and restarted at any time
  • Contracts are month to month- feel free to turn on your
    marketing on and off at will!
  • Free call tracking (with AdWords campaign)
  • Free tracking from impressions, clicks, calls,
    conversion and new customers
    (viewable on your smartphone or computer)
  • Outstanding personal customer support
We continuously enhance our products, so you will receive a constant stream of new features.
These will all arrive at no additional cost. We look forward to working with you to help you grow your business.
Performance Media Marketing
250 El Camino Real, Suite 214
Tustin, CA 92802
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