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Hiring the right employee is absolutely paramount to your business ranging from who answers your phone to who represents your company in the field. Your sales and reputation are highly dependent on what your employees say or do. You won’t always get it right, so pick from as many candidates as possible and take your best shot. Keep all the good resumes in case you need a backup. Take as much time as you can to get the best person!

How to Pick a Good Candidate: A good interview process is to get your candidate relaxed and talking. Get them to talk 70% of the time. They will only let you know things that are on their minds if you get them to talking. Understand their character, their values, and their desire to do the job. It is important that they are impassioned to do the job and that they will fit into your organization.

Where to Cost Effectively Advertise: For qualified personnel such as certified plumbers, contractors, and electricians, trade publications are the best. However most of your ads can be handled very cost effectively using Craig’s List ads and gigs. If you need a short term employee, run an ad in the Craig’s List gigs section, which is free. If you are looking for full-time employee, run an ad in the jobs section. The jobs section is free for most cities and only $25 for each time you run an advertisement for employment in major cities or metros. Your ad will be rapidly replaced with newer ads, pushing your ad further down Craig’s List, so you should renew the ad twice a week such potential employees can easily find it. We have found Craig’s list to be more effective than the major job sites and 50% or lower in cost.

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