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The primary purpose of the online marketing is to make your phone ring. Many things can go wrong if you’re not careful. You can lose customers by simply not picking up the phone or by using an answering machine to screen calls. Remember, potential new customers who have found your phone number online have many additional choices. With the click of a mouse they can easily find your competitors’ phone numbers. Statistics show nearly all potential new customers won’t call back if your phone just rings and very few will leave a message on your answering machine. Both of these outcomes result in wasted marketing dollars.

Statistics show that over 90% of all buyers do not use price as the primary reason for buying a product or service. You should do your best to have a caring and enthusiastic person answering the phone. Your customers won’t buy from you unless they know that you care and that you are working in their best interest.

If you can’t immediately service a potential sales call and the call has to be transferred to someone more knowledgeable, make sure you get that person back on line with the potential new customer very quickly. The MIT study below shows that your chance of turning that call into a customer drops off rapidly after the first five minutes!

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