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Run Your Business From Your Smart Phone  

While you sit down with your morning coffee:  You can use your smart phone to log into your secure mobile interface, track inbound sales leads, engage new prospects, monitor real-time customer acquisition costs, evaluate campaign metrics, and tweak messaging with your campaign manager, and set up a quick reputation management campaign. All before your coffee gets cold.

Small Business Resources

Clearly online! However, don’t forget the tried and true technique of offline marketing. Word of mouth is massively important, which goes hand-in-hand with sales and courtesy training for your whole business.

How to Maximize Your Marketing Spending (click for the full article)

Your return on investment has alot to the amount of business that you can bring in and what cost. Supprisingly much of it is free. You can calculate competing ROI's and business volume.

Some Almost FREE Cleaver Marketing (Ideas Some of Which Our Customers Taught Us!
We've put together some cleaver pointers that our customers use that they report to us adds addtional business every month. 

Small Business in Review - 2011 (courtesy of Intuit)

This is a wonderful infographic summarizing what Small Businesses (SMBs) worry about, their ambitions and how they feel about business and the economy.

The Trouble with Sales People - Harvard Business Review (click for the full article)

This study identifies various sales types, which types are effective and ineffective. This article may help you identify sales types that you should not hire.

Selling is NOT About Relationships - Harvard Business Review (click for the full article)

This article shed light on new sales styles which address today's modern highly informed customer and how to sell effectively to this customer.

How Incentives Really Work (click to view the video)

Surprising results of study by professors from Carnegie Mellon, University of Chicago, and MIT funded by the Federal Reserve Bank that seems to violate the laws of behavioral physics.

How to Find and Hire the Right People (click for the full article)

Hiring the right employee is absolutely paramount to your business ranging from who answers your phone to who represents your company in the field.

How to Write Content for the Internet (click for the full article)

This paper outlines effective techniques for writing online content. Unlike printed materials, writing for online viewers is quite different. Online content should be written for the user to quickly scan for content.

How to Remove a Google Places Listing (click for the full article)

This article will help you remove your Google Places Listing. Sometimes you may want to do this to remove bad comments, duplicate listings, etc.

How to Check a Credit Card (click for the full article)

This is a good overview how to check and handle credit cards, how they are processed and some of the problems that occur when you are processing credit cards.

How to Deal with Questions on the BBB (click for the article and video)

This helps you understand the BBB, who they are and whether you should or should not pay to join the BBB. We've also included a documentary on the BBB by 20/20 which aired on 12 November 2010.

How to Check for Negative Information Online (click for the full article)

Most of all the negative information posted online against small businesses comes from past employees or competitors. This is an extremely common problem; you’re not alone.

How to Handle Negative Blogs (click for the full article)

Our sales department talks to hundreds of potential customers each day. Bad blogs are a re-occurring theme with our customers and a huge concern.

How to Deal with Stupid Bloggers (click for the full article)

Most of the negative information posted online against small businesses comes from past employees or competitors. Neither is often very smart.

How to Handle Inbound Marketing (click for the full article)

The primary purpose of the online marketing is to make your phone ring. Many things can go wrong if you’re not careful.

Everything You Need to Know About QR Codes (click for the full article)

This was just such a good article, we had to include this. It's an excellent explaination of QR codes.

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