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Run Your Business From Your Smart Phone  

While you sit down with your morning coffee:  You can use your smart phone to log into your secure mobile interface, track inbound sales leads, engage new prospects, monitor real-time customer acquisition costs, evaluate campaign metrics, and tweak messaging with your campaign manager, and set up a quick reputation management campaign. All before your coffee gets cold.

Using The Google AdWords Preview Tool

We are frequently asked by our clients to determine why they can’t see themselves positioned on the Google search results page. This can happen when you frequently search to determine your position using a standard browser (see explanation below).
Google's Ad Delivery Algorithm
Google’s search algorithms now adapt to each individual user’s activity. If you search to see your online ads over and over, without clicking on the ads, Google will show you different ads, since the ads you viewed multiple times did not produce any results (clicks). If you click your ads more than once, Google will determine this to be click fraud and won’t show these ads to you any more, or they will display the ads on successive pages. In both cases, checking your ads by viewing or viewing and clicking in a standard search results page, will result in displays that are not truly what the average user sees. You will not see an accurate representation of your ad position. This will also have a side effect of reducing your ads quality scores and consequently lowering the position of your ads on the page. Please DO NOT view your ads without using the Google Ad Preview Tool.
Google's Ad Preview Tool (click here to launch Ad Preview Tool)
You will want to view the ads that we run for you on Google. If you have purchased a Premium campaign, your Google Ads will show almost all the time on Google Search. Google tracks every search you make and attempts to provide you useful information based on the past searches that you’ve made. Continuing to make the same search will change the results and your view will not be the same as what an average new customer would see.
The good news is that Google has a tool for this! Please use the Google AdWords Preview Tool, which runs in your browser. To access this tool, type “google adwords preview tool” in the Google search box. Pick the top selection and you’ll be taken directly to the Google AdWords Preview Tool.

When you arrive at the page below, before you put in your search terms, you must first select the region or city where we are running your Google Ads. Begin typing in your area or city in the Location box below. As you type Google will present you with selections. Pick the location where you want to check your Google Ads.


Once you’ve selected the region enter your search in the large box with the Preview button to the right of it. Keep in mind that you can now use search terms without the city or state, since this tool has now been set as though you are in the region that you selected. Call us at support at 888.902.0008 if you see any issues.


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