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Run Your Business From Your Smart Phone  

While you sit down with your morning coffee:  You can use your smart phone to log into your secure mobile interface, track inbound sales leads, engage new prospects, monitor real-time customer acquisition costs, evaluate campaign metrics, and tweak messaging with your campaign manager, and set up a quick reputation management campaign. All before your coffee gets cold.

Absolute Sincerity & Transparency
(Premium Marketing Campaign)
"We always do the best for our customers"
Reporting and Scoring on Your Smart Phone - We provide the most transparency possible. Your impressions, clicks, click-through rate, leads from lead gen and calls are all reported to your computer or smart phone. You can rate your leads to determine the actual cost per customer.
Exclusive Program - We market your company exclusively for your business type in your area.
Open Bidding - Google requires a daily limit but we set the daily spending limit 10 to 20X greater than you can possibly spend. This signals Google to place your ads on the page nearly all of the time. This way you're on the page almost 100% of the time.
Unlimited Clicks - As a result of having a very high daily budget, when competitors click your ads, the daily budget is so high your ads continue to remain on the page.
Flat Rate Billing - We statistically analyze all of our accounts and can accurately estimate the cost for each business type by population.  This allows us to open the daily budget described above. Thus we can offer you a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of clicks you receive.  Our campaigns are not PPC (pay per click) they are flat rate billing.
Optimum Ad Position - Studies show that position 1 is not necessarily the best and may even be unprofitable according to industry studies.  Positions 2.5 - 3.5 are the most profitable range. We target an average position of 2.5.
Unlimited Keywords - We know almost all the keywords for your business and the negative keywords as well. We vary these to cover almost every search query possible for your business. If you have additional keywords relevant to your business, we'll add them at no additional charge.
Unlimited Edits - We give you unlimited edits to your AdWords campaign and your desktop and mobile website at no additional cost. All you have to do is call in and we'll do all the work.  We want you to be completely satisfied with your campaign and the content and look of your desktop and mobile website.
Tightly Grouped Keywords - We tightly group keywords and write ads very specific to each group. This increases quality scores and improves click through rate (CTR) of your ads.
Multiple Ads - We write up to 5 ads per keyword group. These ads are then empirically determined by Google which is best, which maximizes your click through rate (CTR).
Ad Extensions - We take special care to use as many ad extensions as possible increasing ad size on the page and increasing your click trough rate (CTR). 
Coupons & Specials in Ads - We work with you to develop compelling coupons and specials, which we run in the ads and include on both your desktop and mobile websites. These increase the click through rate (CTR) and drive more customers to your site. These customers often convert better as well.  Today, 50% of all US adults redeem electronic coupons and mobile users redeem coupons 10 times more often.
High Performance Desktop and Mobile Sites - Sites are optimized for Google compliance. Sites are designed for high impact to keep customers on the page. Visual content is exactly where customer are looking to inspire a response. Sites are fast, properly structured, hidden information is correct (meta), etc. for machine scoring improving quality scores, which enhances your online presence.
Built-in Lead Capture - Sites contain call tracking and lead capture through customized lead forms.  You can score your leads and determine the actual number of prospects and customers.  Rescoring is available if a prospect later becomes a customer.
Built-in Lead Management - Customers captured through the lead capture system are stored in a customer resources management system (CRM) available on your desktop or mobile phones. 
Reputation Management Tools - You can send survey requests to customers directly from your smart phone. Once filled out, only high scoring surveys are automatically sent requesting customers to post reviews on G+, Yelp and others.  
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