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Run Your Business From Your Smart Phone  

While you sit down with your morning coffee:  You can use your smart phone to log into your secure mobile interface, track inbound sales leads, engage new prospects, monitor real-time customer acquisition costs, evaluate campaign metrics, and tweak messaging with your campaign manager, and set up a quick reputation management campaign. All before your coffee gets cold.

The Market
Search Engine Marketing
When potential new clients can’t find your firm online, they are finding your competitors.  Search engine marketing breaks down to this: people are looking for attorneys online, and with PMM Legal, they’ll find you!
  • Google had more than 11.7 billion US searches in January 2012. 
  • Of those queries, approximately 20% had local intent. 
  • That number jumps to 40% for mobile searches. 
  • Search Engine Marketing will increase from $15.7 billion to $18.5 billion in 2012. 

Google Paid Search
At PMPLegal, we use paid search and paid advertising to quickly drive customers, test landing pages, all exclusively to ONE attorney per practice area and market. We’re obsessed with constantly monitoring and improving your campaign to target only the searchers who want to find your expertise. We think you should get new cases, not only traffic. Talk to a marketing consultant.
Things we do:
  • Google AdWords  campaign creation and optimization
  • Multi-variate landing page testing and optimization
  • Unlimited keywords, page edits and designs
  • Fully transparent campaign performance
  • Live consultant 8-5 PST  
  • Call tracking - web and mobile
  • Web and mobile analytics

Google Places Optimization
There are over a billion local searches a month. With our customized marketing, we target your potential customers, and we put your contact info right under their noses. Customers will just be a phone call away. 
Get a FREE consultation!
  • Monthly promotion
  • Works seamlessly with call tracking
  • Optimized for mobile devices
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